Sunday, April 24, 2016


Practice early to bed and early to rise.  As soon as you get up,  wash your teeth and mouth,  only for two minutes and drink water at least one big glass upto one litre.  lf your body gets cold often, drink luke warm water

In order to keep fit,do Yoga or exercises for 45 chose Yoga,Suryanamaskara 5, Standing Asanas 3,Sitting asanas 3,Twist postures 3,Prone Posture 3 and supine nortura 3 Agnisara kriva for 3 minutes are preferred. Any Any two types of pranayama and finally Supth visranthi Asana(Savasan)  for 3 minutes,  are performed slowly and ste All these take only 45 minutes.  Healthy becomes healthier Yoga increases concentration and creates TENSION FREE state.  OR,  Walk 2-3 kilometers,  in a day

Take bath preferably in cold water.  If your body doesn't agree or if it is cold season,  take luke warm water.  In any case,  too cold or too hot is dangerous.

Rutha Bhuk,Hitha Bhuk,Mitha Bhuk. This means that we should consume food according to season. If it is summer season, spices or more sour food stuffs should not be taken.Take only such food stuffs which have more water contents.Ex:Water melon,Cucumber etc. Those food stuffs which are conducive to one self should be consumed and the quantity should neither be more nor less.

Don't postpone your nature's call for hours.  This results in ill health.  Look flying birds!  Do they go to clinic?

Always take fresh,  healthy and balanced food.Leave these two:  Hurry and worry.

If you have no peace of mind,  it is better not to take food.  Consume food with peace of mind slowly chewing well mixing saliva as there are no teeth in the stomach!

As soon as you finish your meal,clean the teeth and gums well.Brushing two times a day is a must.Gargling also if necessary

Take care of nails,  hair and skin.Maintain cleanliness.Practice to take breakfast after bath.

Wear washed dresses of terrycot, woolen during winter,  thin and loose dresses of cotton during summer according to season.

Try to limit the consumption of ghee,  butter and milk. Green vegetables and sprouted pulse like mung dal,  bengal gram,  green gram and salad of raw vegetables and fruits should form part of our daily food.

Avoid too much of salt,oily or spicy food. Onion and Garlic are good for easy digestion.  Limited sweet for Diabetic patients,  limited salt for B P patients and limited sour for Gastritis patients and Satvic food for Heart patients

Too much of polished rice is not recommended  Don't skip breakfast and lunch,  but dinner night food should be limited.  As per Yoga text"Annena purayeth Ardham Thoyena thu Thruteeyakam Udarasysa thrutheeyamsam samraksheth vayu charane".  This means half the stomach should be filled with solid food,  one third of the stomach should be filled with pure water and remaining should be kept empty for air circulation.

Cold beverages which are chemically preserved are dangerous.Raw sprouted pulse like green gram,horse gram, bengal gram or peas are good source protein If you are non-  vegetarian,  please note that only non-vegfood is not essential.

If there is fever,  don't take food at all.  If there is hunger have only liquid food like Pearl Sago or Sojee ganji or milk.

Once in a fortnight or at least one time int a week preferably Saturday night(because Sunday is a holiday),  fasting is necessary in order to keep fit yourself

Fried,  oily and Bakery foods should be taken only to satisfy taste buds,  not stomachful

Don't be slaves of smoking,  tobacco and alcoholic-drinks,  as these are injurious to health. Consume food only when you are hungry.If there is no hunger take only water 2 to 3 litres of water per day is a must for good health.Don't start your daily work without breakfast.

Inhale and exhale pure air through nose only. Let there be sufficient ventilation to the house and open the windows of your bed room.Don't cover the bed sheet on your face.

The height of pillow should not be too much. The pillow should not be too heighted

Physical health depends on mental hea Always try to bein Tension Free State.  Diabetes, BP, Asthma,  Cancer are all psycho-somatic diseases.

Suptha Visranthi Asana or savasana is a must for 5 minutes when you are tired.  If you are suffering from wheezing or cough,  take rest in Makarasana.  Makarasna means lay down on your stomach and take rest.  Cough stops immediately

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