Saturday, April 2, 2016

Glamorizes lifestyle.

We live in a culture that hugely glamorizes lifestyle. Indeed, an entire gamut of products are called lifestyle products - things that are not necessities, but that we imagine to be necessities due to the cultural pressure to appear trendy, cool, hip.

Living to possess and parade such things is a lifestyle that eats into our life, making us into something like performing robots. Our life simply becomes reduced to a performance for gaining some applause or at least admiration from others. Unfortunately, the applause often does not come - and certainly not as much as we crave for it. And others' admiration for us is more often than not concealed

We sometimes feel a hole within - a sense of emptiness that gnaws especially when we are not deadening ourselves internally with the racehorse pace and the mindless entertainment of our times.

What is the cause of the hole?

The absence of the Whole, the Supreme Absolute Truth, Krishna.

The Bhagavad-gita (15.07) indicates that we are parts of Krishna. As parts of the all-blissful Supreme Being, we gain complete fulfillment by harmonizing with him through loving service.

Unfortunately, we refuse to play the part of the part. Being misled by our mind and senses, we imagine ourselves to be the whole. Or rather, we believe that fulfilling the desires of the mind and senses will make us satisfied, that is, whole. However, mental and sensual gratification can never fill the inner hole.