Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Shall we leave family for Lord?

by sri datta shri

Shall we leave family for Lord?

First of all I told that there is no need of leaving the home or family If the home and the family are congenial to the mission by devotion This question does not arise in your case since you are a great devotee When the family opposes the mission, then only one has to leave home However, I shall answer your question keeping you as a representative For an un-matured devotee, in which case only this possibility arises Neither God gives you such strength nor you can attain it by your effort Such state should be spontaneous and then only the Lord is pleased. Leave this mission, one day or other all have to separate and go

Then do you require the strength for such departure or not? The departure is inevitable even for the un-divine human beings If the blind love is accumulated day by day, just imagine that day When one has to depart from all his blind attractions in this world! Just on the deathbed, the Lord gives the last flash of knowledge By that you will realize the truth because at that junction of life and death One sees clearly both the worlds since the messengers of Lord Yama Stand before the person to pull out the subtle body from the gross body Then every one realizes that these bonds were absolutely unreal In that last few minutes the agony starts because the person thinks like this

"For these blind bonds I have spent all my energy and my life time, Who can not save me in this time, the saviour is not coming now because I have not spent my lifetime and energy for His mission when I was alive Now even if I wish to serve the Lord for His mission, there is no time When time was there this realization did not come, what could I do? "At that time the person is pained for foolishly having these bonds The person is not pained for leaving these bonds as you think now That situation will open the eyes of every human being in this world

If you are not pained to leave these bonds for the mission now When you are alive, you will not be pained at that last minute also, You realize now and be wise to leave the bonds with happiness You will have the same happiness at that time also to leave these bonds One day or other you have to leave the bonds without any mercy Why not leave the bonds now itself for the sake of the Lord and be saved? When you leave these bonds at that time you are not saved for leaving the bonds But if you leave the same bonds even before that time, you are saved always Is it not wise to do an inevitable thing now itself and get its benefit? Is it not foolishness to do the same inevitable thing then and loose everything?

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