Sunday, April 24, 2016

absolute knowledge of the absolute God is impossible

The absolute knowledge of the absolute God is impossible The absolute knowledge of the absolute God is impossible because the absolute God is unimaginable. The absolute God comes in human form to give you the experience of His existence, in absence of which, you may deny the very existence of the absolute God and may become atheist (Astitva ... .Veda). The identification of the human form in which the absolute God exists is the knowledge of God (Brahma Jnanam or Brahma Vidya). The experience of the existence of the absolute God does not reveal any trace of the nature of the absolute God and hence God is always unimaginable. The only information about the absolute God is that God exists. "Aum Tat Sat" means that God exists and no more information about God is available. The word Tat means that God is beyond your imagination. The word Aum denotes that God is the creator, ruler and destroyer of this world. These three adjectives indicate the works (Creation, rule and destruction) of God only and not the nature of the God. This is called as the information about the existence only (Sanmatra vada). God comes in human form, which is characterized by the awareness or chit.
The awareness is fully developed up to intelligence and therefore the human form is indicated and not birds and animals. Such human form (Chit) is not the information about God but it is the information about the medium selected by God to enter the world. Thus, the medium is only awareness (Chinmatra vada) and not the inert materials. The aim of Shankara is about the selection of the medium by the God to enter the world. The Advaita followers, who concluded that awareness itself is the absolute God, misunderstand this. God enters the world through human form for entertainment, since the very basic aim of the creation is only that according to Veda. Such entertainment gives Him continuous happiness (Ananda). Thus, the word Sat-Chit-Ananda denotes the absolute God entering the world for continuous entertainment through the human form.

sri sri datta sri