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Gita's significance

Gita's Timeless significance How important and relevant is the message of the bhagavad gita today?might as well ask the question important relevant or and is the sun today!Or the air the water? Or all the elements of nature In other words,the term relevance today'in the context of the Gita is redundant and rather bemusing.

Having said this, we should also confess that like the importance of air-water-earth-and-all-else, the message of Gita also needs to be restated again and again,  until we are able to live our lives according to it.  The message by itself has never been irrelevant and out of place.  cannot. Based as it is on the solid rock of the eternal principles underlying the human personality, life and its ultimate purpose,  the Gita is becoming ever more relevant in today's context. In today's world of growing consumerism and rising violence leading to restlessness,  anxiety and confusion in life-Gita's teachings are becoming even more significant than bef. They are an eternal spring of wisdom required for developing right judgement,emotional balance,  strength and for discovering the ultimate destination of human life.such is the appeal of gita s message that there is hardly anyone who has known something of Hinduism and India and has not read the gita All the great acharyas that India has produced as well as numerous men and women from diverse fields of life have commented on Gita.  One compelling truth about Gita is its pan-Hindu universality.  It is accepted by all Hindu sects as authoritative.Gita's glories, like the truth it preaches,  are eternal and unending

You no doubt need money for your worldly life: but don't worry too much about it.The wise course is to accept what comes of its own accord. Don't take too much trouble to save money. Those who surrender their hearts and souls to God,those who are devoted to Him and have taken refuge in Him,  do not worry much about money.As they earn,so they spend.  The money comes in one way and goes out the other. This is what the Gita describes as"accepting what comes of its own accord.

As is the disease,  so must the remedy be.  The Lord says in the Gita: 'O Arjuna,take refuge in Me.  I shall deliver you from all sins.Take shelter at His feet He will give you right understanding. He will take entire responsibility for you.  Then you will get rid of the typhoid.Can one ever know God with such a mind as this?  Can one pour four seers of milk into a one-seer pot?  Can we ever know God unless He lets us know Him? Therefore says take shelter in God.  Let Him do whatever He likes. He is self willed.  What power is there in a man?

Haven't you read the Gita?  One truly realizes God if one performs one's worldly duties in a detached spirit,  if one lives in the world after realizing that everything is illusory.

You must read bhagavad gita

Sri Krishnam vande jagadgurum
God bless you all

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