Tuesday, April 26, 2016

How to Worship God

  • How to Worship God We will understand more clearly if we once get rid of the idea that religion consists in doctrines.One idea of religion has been that the whole world was born because Adam ate the apple,and there is no way of escape.Believe in Jesus Christ in a certain man's death!  
  • But in India there is quite a different idea. [Therel religion means realisation,nothing else.It does not matter whether one approaches the destination in a carriage with four horses, in an electric car,or rolling on the ground. The goal is the same.for the[Christians the problem is how to escape the wrath of the terrible God. For Indians it is how to become what they really are O to regain their lost selfhood
  • Have you realised that you are spirit When you say, 'I do what is meant by that-this lump of flesh called the body or the spirit,  the infinite,  ever blessed,  effulgent,  immortal?  You may be the greatest philosopher,  but as long as you have the idea that you are the body,  you are no better than the little worm crawling under your foot!  No excuse for you!  So much the worse for you that you know all the philosophies and at the same time think you are the body!  Body-gods,  that is what you are!  Is that religion?
  • Religion is the realisation of spirit as spirit.  What are we doing now?  Just the opposite,  realising spirit as matter.  Out of the immortal God we manufacture death and matter,  and out of dead dull matter we manufacture spirit.  If you[can realise Brahman]  by standing on your head,  or on one foot,  or by worshipping five thousand gods with three heads each-welcome to it!  Do it any way you can  Nobody has any right to say anything.Therefore,  Krishna says,  if your method is better and higher,  you have no business to say that another man's method is bad,  however wicked you may think it Again,we must consider,  religion is a[matter of]  growth,not a mass of foolish words.  All these people
  • fighting about what God's nature is whether He has three heads in one body or five heads in six bodies.  Have you seen God?  No.  And they do not believe they can ever see Him.  What fools we mortals be!  Sure,  lunatics!
  • Each one thinks his method is best.  Very good!  But remember,  it may be good for you.  One food which is very indigestible to one is very digestible to another.  Because it is good for you,  do not jump to the conclusion that your method is everybody's method,that Jack's coat fits John and Mary.All the uneducated,uncultured,  unthinking men and women have been put into that sort of strait jacket Think for yourselves.Become atheists!  Become materialists!That would be better.  Exercise the mind! What right have you to say that this man's method is wrong? It may be wrong for you.That is to say,if you undertake the method,  you will be degraded,but that does not mean that he will be degraded.Therefore,  says Krishna,if you have knowledge and see a man weak,  do not condemn him.  Go to his level and help him if you can

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