Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Do Forest Fires Occur? Why Do Droughts Occur?

We have all often heard of incidences of fires in particularly the tropical and coniferous forests where these fires are mostly frequent a phenomena.
The fires in the forests can be either caused naturally or by sheer accident and usually occur during the summer times.

The fires are naturally caused because of lightning and spreads like a gale force. Besides they are also caused because of  humans in  the event of recreation or others.
These forest fires spread gradually engulfing the entire forest. During the summers the fires are pre- dominantly wild and destructive as they burn up large chunks of  dried leaves and twigs, causing great unrest in forests of Indonesia, US and Australia.

To control these fires the fire- fighters are extensively trained in extinguishing  such fires, as they have the potential to cause great damage.
The fire- fighters are dropped to the affected areas with the help of helicopters, the quickest possible way to contain these wild flares. But at times these fires also have positive impact for the forest where it clears the ground of dead leaves and the waste and allows for germination of new seeds.


Why Do Droughts Occur?

Droughts are a period where a region experiences scarcity in its water supply. Droughts are a marked feature of low precipitation that an area receives. If the region continuously receives dismal rain over a period of time it is more likely to experience drought in future. 

If the rainfall the area receives is less than the average rainfall, it evaporates even before it is absorbed by the earth.
The occurrence of drought is common in hot and dry areas. In most cases the area is dry because it receives minimum rainfall. Droughts occur mostly during summers when the weather is hot, it evaporates whatever little rainfall the region gets.

In extreme cases the droughts might lasts for years which affects the growth of plants in the region and devastate livestock and the vicious circle continues.
The livestock survives on the plants and if there is little or no water available the plants may not even grow. All this affects the human life where they rely on both the plants and animalfor food and also their income. Largely the humans depend a great deal on water to live. 

This lack of water also makes the land barren and if the scarcity persists for long  it leads to aridity of the soil.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Bhgavadgita ( YOGA – Meaning )

The real meaning of the word Yoga means meeting the Satguru. The word Yoga comes from the verb “Yuj”, which means the union. Satguru is the human incarnation of the Lord. The Lord will exhibit the Maya consisting of the three qualities. When the devotees are tested, this Maya is mainly made of the full expression of Rajas and Tamas. Such Maya is used to test your firm faith and your assimilation of the spiritual knowledge.

By this devotees generally run away and such Maya of the Lord Datta is very strong and He appears as drunkard and fond of prostitutes. When Kartaveeryarjuna approached Him with his defective hands, the Lord broke the two hands. But he continued in the service with blind faith and got thousand hands. Thus we should have patience in the tests of the Lord. Lord Krishna also showed several defects like stealing the butter, dancing with the women etc., to divert the devotees.

 In order to have patience in His tests without being disturbed by Rajas and Tamas, you must have a pre-training in this world to raise yourself beyond these three qualities. In fact the Lord is beyond these three qualities and is untouched by them. To get such kind of patience before the Lord, you have to take training in the world. In such training you will develop the patience to face these divine tests from the Lord in human form. Therefore, Yoga is defined as the union or achievement of this equilibrium unperturbed by these three qualities. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ways To Manage Stress

Stress is an everyday phenomena that is rooted in everyday occurrences. It can develop on different occasions from different situations but the most important part of it is to manage it and not let it over- power you.

Here are a few ways that can help manage stress, they are:

Eliminate the very source from which the stress you experience, emanates.
Try out something that you like doing as it may be helpful in relieving the stress you experience.
An avoidable source of stress is jealously. Being jealous is human nature though some amount of it is good but when only this emotion overpowers you is when you feel more stressed.
Plan your time management, decide in advance what you want to achieve within a particular time frame and as far as possible stick to the time- limit you have allotted yourself.
Eating right could well be another good way to manage the stress as a body craving for food may be more prone to stress compared to others.
Meditate, practice yoga or learn a dance as they could be one of the best ways of relieving stress.
Laughter is always the best medicine not only is it a good way of relieving one of the painful memories but also acts as a good stress buster.
Listening to music of your choice is another way to soothe your senses and de- stress yourself.
Go for vacations or a weekend get away when the work pressure is building up as it may be a potent cause of stress.
Going in for a nap or a relaxing massage are other great stress busters. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

sixteen rituals of life (hindu vedic rituals)

                                        om sri

According to Vedic culture are sixteen rituals of life considered the most important sacrament. Not to mention in the Rig Veda rituals, but some of this treatise Sukton marriages, burials and anything related to the conception of religious acts is described. Only Srut sacrifices mentioned in ayurveda, so this book is not specific to the sacraments. Atharva Veda for weddings, funerals and ceremonies over the first conception are expressed. Satapatha Brahmin rituals and sacraments in Gopth Upanayana Godan mentions. Professor of Education at the end of the convocation Tattiriy Upanishad teaches. Thus Grihysutron rules before we see the sacraments. It appears that before Grihsutron rites were based on traditional practices. Grihsutron first method is described in full in the sacraments. Grihysutron first nuptials in describing the sacraments mention. After this conception, Punsvn, Simntonnyn, Jat- karma, naming, evacuation, Ann- prashanam, Cudha- karma, Upanayana and rituals are described Samavartana. Most Grihysutron not describe the funeral, because it was considered unlucky. The memories and the corresponding rules of conduct in the cases mentioned are the sacraments. These Upanayana and marriage ceremonies have been described with detail, because the person Brahmacharyasrama Upanayana rites and marriage rites by the householder would enter the ashram. Acts of religious rites, of a person who was fully qualified members of your community with the aim of making his body, mind and brain were to sanctify, but desirable properties in Hindu ceremonies objective person born had to. Vedic literature "rites" do not use the word. Grihysutron mainly occur in the interpretation of the sacraments, but also in the sense of ritual use of the word sacrifice is the sanctification of material. Vakhans memory source (200 to 500 AD.) The first obvious difference is the body of rites and sacrifices. manu and Yajnavalkya sacraments according to the purification of Dijon is the womb and seed Doshadi. Kumaril (e. Eighth century) Tntrwartik some different ideas in texts has revealed. he is a man in two worthy causes - from pre-action to remove defects and production of new properties. rites both work. this type of rituals in ancient India, especially in the life of man significance. nourished by the sacraments, and the full development of their innate tendencies was his and society's welfare. the holy sacrament of man in this life did not make her extraterrestrial life was too sacred. every funeral home prior to was used, but if the person follows the Grihysutr, accordingly, the number of elixirs, Hwypdarthon and chants were in use vary in different families.Laughing

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The real foundation of Spirituality

The real foundation of Spirituality

God made this world. In recent years, on the basis of mere misadventure and suppressive policy on social changes and the religion of this year. There were a variety of rituals in which God created this earth. This is the reason why it feels like a passage towards the destruction of the world.
 The root cause of the lack of spirituality
There were other religion in the world. But the essence of all religions is the same agede. At the same, providing both spiritual. This means that all religions are the same, providing both spiritual soul
Was the basis of all religions and religious practices around the world, providing both spiritual foundations
If so, what is spiritual
Before giving an explanation to this question. Want to know the difference in a different, scripture There were also the other scriptures is the basic principle of spirituality. Universal truth
Adhi + Atma(soul)

Adhi + soul. That is, the creation of existing life energy. In Hindu atma. In English and Soul. Ruha say in Urdu. Language is different .The invisible soul is like a wire running from the eye Overview. Only the body of the machine takes place in the spirit of energy and spirit. The same is true. The spirit of the body colored. The Lord alone . Deva in Sanskrit. God in English. Khuda in urdu. Jahuva in Jewish. He was a god. Different language in different nicknames . God, who alone of all the souls of the father, mother, and partners. Thus, in the spirit of equality of Spirituality. The foundation of the religious practices of the singularity in the Lord

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

'Meilleur travail informatique in USA »2016 in french language

'Meilleur travail informatique in USA »2016

in french language

scientifique des données est le meilleur travail en Amérique en 2016, selon un rapport récent sur le site Web de l'emploi porte vitrée. La première place a été basée sur l'analyse de porte vitrée du potentiel de gains, les possibilités de carrière, et le nombre d'offres d'emploi. Le salaire de base médian était de 116 840 $.

Dr Andrew Chamberlain, économiste en chef de porte vitrée, explique la montée de la position de cette façon à Business Insider: "Comme toutes les entreprises ont une présence en ligne ces jours-ci, ils ont tous besoin de gens qui savent comment gérer et stocker des données qui les aide à prendre de meilleures décisions d'affaires, par rapport il y a des années lorsque les entreprises ne disposent pas de la gestion des données à portée de main pour examiner et analyser pour les aider à conduire entreprise vers l'avant. Je pense que cela continue à être un travail à chaud pendant plusieurs années à venir, aussi, "

Et ce type de la science des données est particulièrement vital pour les entreprises de haute technologie tels que Facebook, Google, Uber, et ainsi de suite.

Mais que faut-il pour être embauché en tant que scientifique de données à une superpuissance technologique?

Nous regardé à travers les données d'entrevues de porte vitrée pour vous apporter 13 des questions les plus intéressantes que vous auriez à répondre à accrocher un de ces postes convoités:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Preface (in my opinion)

Preface (in my opinion)

None of Human rich without money. Without education. None of Human educated. But the value of the non-human. Not humans.
Education. Money. Kudos. Authority. These are human acquisitions. These acquisitions, like the man in the wrong way. They can house hubris of pride in him. But education. With humility. Philanthropy nous with the money. Credited with humility. With the power of the sense of service. He walks with the human value. The society continued to rise, possibly.
 To make money today. There is the price of human values. The unrest led to anarchy unfulfilled. The precious wealth of human values. To get to it. And that all human beings should be trying to develop. Had previously been dependent on this God-made world peace. Satisfaction. Penalty to settle

What then is humanitarian. And our lives to learn how to do it.
However. In terms of the fact that my first teacher. My mother. The first teacher to convey the value of life. Our mother. The first school to teach the good precepts of life in our house. The policy lessons that we learned in school apply to our lives, making good citizens. If we do good for society CG and the country is the biggest honor of our mother we submit, Mother and Teacher debt must not forget that
 We should keep in mind the mother's selfless service
"Mother". It is the most sacred word. A word of my Hinduism.God is all over. Being a mother has been created to carry on his duties. Thus the mother and the Lord will stand an equal position As soon as a child is born, grows 3 kinds of mother's care.
1) The child's mother
2) homeland
3) Nature
They were equal to the mother.
Mother teaching her child to the idea of the good precepts of a good man. Nature has a good ventilation and water. Cherish this world The service should be selfless so We should keep in mind the mother's selfless service

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