Saturday, May 7, 2016


Diabetes,Hbp,Lbp,Arthritis,Asthma, Glaucoma (Eye Disease)Etc Are Called Psychosomatic Diseases.We Divide All These Diseases Into Five Stages.First Is Preliminary Stage,Second One Is Medieval Stage.The Third One Is Adult Stage.Home Remedies Work In Preliminary Stage Of Thedisease.Some Have Achieved 100%Cure.If The Disease Has Reached Second Stage Works Yoga Therapy.In This Stage Also Many Have Achieved 100%  Cure.  But If The Disease Has Reached Third Stage Medicine Includes Tablets Capsules And Injections Are Necessary.But If The Disease Reaches Fourth Stage Which Is Called Critical Stage Operation Is Essential.  Fifth Stage Is Post Operative Stage Where Nourishment Works Well To Come To Normalcy

Asthma,  Common Cold, Sneezing,Running Nose And Wheezing
Asthma Is Cough Oriented Disease.Difficulty In Breathing,Cough In Throat In The Form Of Yellow Mucus Or Continuous Coughing Are The Signs Of Indications Of This Disease.At An Advance Stage,After Continuous Coughing,Results In Bleeding.Lt Could Be Either Hereditary. In Some Cases It Appears At Manhood When It Is Difficult To Root Out.Allergy Is The Main Cause Of Asthma.This Can Be Due To Innumerable Reasons. While Some People Cannot SustainDust From Air,  Others Are Allergic To Soap Nut Dusts And Some Due To Dust Of Pollen,Perfume Or Change Of Climate.Particularly In Bangalore Parthenium(The Congress Weed) Is Said To Be The Major Cause Of Asthma. Asthma Intensifies In The Rainy Season.Inhaler Gives Sudden Relief Which Is Shown Above.  A Healthy Adult Breathes 15 Times A Minute Where As 20-25 Times In Case Of A Child.  Drink Lukewarm Salt Water Through Nose And Spit The Same Through Mouth. Likewise Inhale Steam Through Nose For 5 To 10 Minutes.  Lastly If You Have Neti Pot Or Small Vessel With Nozzle,  Do Jala Neti In Front Of A Yoga TeacherAllergy Foods To Asthma Patients Are Pumpkin, Potato,  Green Gram,Ladies Finger,Green Chillies,Brinjal, Butter Milk, Curds, Ghee,Oil Bath,  Orange Fruit,Grapes,Sweets,Fried Food Stuffs And Oily Food Like Bonda,  Bajji,  Vada,  Masal Dosai.  Non Allergenic Foods Are Cabbage,Beans,Carrot,  Leafy Vegetables Except Spinach, Cow Milk, Wheat, Drum Stick, Apple, Two To Two And A Half Litres Of Luke Warm Water Per Day, Night Food At 7-30 P.M,Sleep Two Hours After Supper. Oilless Chapathi Or Ragi Dosai For Supper,  Raw Vegetables,  Beetroot Or Carrot Or Cabbage Or Tomato Or Mixture Of These Beforeheadache



Almost Everyone In The World Has Experienced Headache.The Pain Might Be In The Head Complete Region,Only Forehead Region Or On The Backside Of The Head.What May Be The Reason For The Experience Headache?  Not One Or Two, Innumerable.
One May Experience Because Ofanger,Emotion,Overstrain, Indigestion,Hunger Or Tension.Not Eating On Time Or Insufficient Food Would Lead To Acidity And Taking Improper Food Or Even Eating More Than Necessary Leads To Indigestion, Thereby Causing Headache.

Drink Water 2-3 Liters Per Day And Create Tension Free State.  Good Food Containing Green Vegetables,Non Citrous Fruits May Keep Away Headache.  Fasting One Night During A Week Preferably Saturdays Is Also Helpful,  As Sunday Is Holiday.  Play Well In The Open Air.  Some Times Deficiency Of Eyes Also May Cause Headache.  Eight Pressure Points Also Cure Common Headache Avoid Spicy Food,  Sweet,  Chocolate,  Coffee,  Tea, Chese,  Alcohol,  Tobacco,  Gutka,  Pan Masala And Smoking.