Monday, May 2, 2016

HOME REMEDIES ( Turmeric )


  • 1.  Turmeric This is used to cure the patients suffering from cold,  cough,  running nose,  Nasal congestion by adding Turmeric to milk jaggery or sugar.  It dissolves phlegm also.
  • 2.  Jaundice is also cured within a week or two if Turmeric is added to sour buttermilk.  
  • 3.  Arthritis,  Diarrhea and constipation is managed with its judicial use.  
  • 4.  If smoke of the Turmeric is inhaled cold &  cough stops immediately.  
  • 5.  Tastes good and appealing colour to dishes.
  • 6.  For burn injuries the ash of turmeric with honey works wonder.  
  • 7.  Turmeric with salt decreases tooth decay.  
  • 8.  Pimples can be cured by adding sandalwood powder to turmeric powder,  applying to face.  
  • 9.  Bedwetting can be cured for aged children if turmeric is mixed with honey twice a day.  10.  1 pinch of turmeric with 2 spoons of curds applied on face and washed after 10 minutes clears sun tan

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  • Tulasi(Basil)

  • There are two types,  one is Sri Tulsi(white)  another is Krishna Tulsi.(Black But benefits are Same.  

  • 1.  Tulsi kills all types of harmful bacteria 2.  Malaria fever comes to control if Tulsi used effectively.
  • 3.  Common viral fever can be controlled if one              spoon of Tulsi Juice is taken with pepper powder,  thrice a day.
  • 4.  Common cold,  cough,  wheezing can be controlled by using Tulsi
  • 5.  Ten leaves of tulsi is chewed well cures mouth               cancer and halitosis
  • 6.  Abnormal pain is cured if wet ginger is added to           tulsi juice
  • 7.  Toothache can be controlled if tulsi leaves are               chewed with pepper and salt
  • 8.  Vomitting is stopped if tulsi is taken.  
  • 9.  Itching can be cured if tulsi juice is mixed with            onion or lemon juice
      10.  Mosquitoes will not enter the house 
             if Tulsi plants are grown around the 

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