Thursday, May 12, 2016

GITA - Meditation on the Gita ( part 1 )

Meditation on the Gita
This is what the practice of mediation promises us.Now,with this in mind,  let us meditate on a few salient teachings of the Gita in order to make them a part of our life.
1.  Life is a battlefield.
Life is not a bed of roses but a battlefield. No one can escape suffering.Sri krishna used to say that, caught in the net of the five elements, Brahman weeps Incarnations of God are also seen to undergo much suffering.Hence it is useless to try escaping from the inevitable. Heat and cold,loss and profit,  pleasure and pain-dualities of life always come together.fully accepts this fact and remains calm,and turns his mind towards God.Life is not a mere battlefield;  it is both a dharma kshetra[the field of righteousness], and also a kuru-kshetra, This field of life yields the faithful result of whatever we do.  No one can cheat the divine Lord who is Viswatomukha, the All-pervading One,a silent witness to all our thoughts,  words and deeds.  We reap what we sow.  Hence,  we alone are responsible both for our suffering and our happiness,  our progress as well as our failure. This is the basis of the law of Karma.

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2   Our battle is with the enemy within
our battle is not with an external enemy external inner state. Arjuna was not frightened of the Kauravas--  he had defeated them many times in the past.  He was overcome by moha or delusion.At the end of his teachings,  Sri Krishna asks Arjuna if he has rid himself of his noha.  He replies emphatically, "Yes,  by your grace I am rid of this delusion and my smriti or memory of my real nature,is obtained.Our enemy is ajnana or ignorance of our real nature This ignorance deludes us all.Vedanta tells us that we suffer this forgetfulness.Though we are the ever-blissful atman,  we identity ourselves with matter and that is what causes suffering.This identification is what is called ignorance and is expressed in the ideas'I' and'mine'.We mistake the un-real for the real and that is how we perceive the world and undergo all its relative experience.
Specifically,this ignorance manifests in the form of our inner enemies of negative and harmful tendencies.  Speaking of the three most powerful ones,Sri Krishna says Triple is this gate of hell destructive of the self lust,  anger and greed;  therefore one should forsake these three
Srikrishna too summed up worldliness as"lust and gold'(kamakanchana). Only a hero can conquer these powerful enemies. Once one conquers them,  one attains Self Knowledge and becomes wholly fulfilled and happy.  He who can withstand in this world,'  tells Sri Krishna, before the fall of the body,  the impulse arising from lust and anger,  he is steadfast in yoga,  he is a happy man."  One who is free from these three is a jivan-mukta-free while living.
To be continued next part