Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Do Forest Fires Occur? Why Do Droughts Occur?

We have all often heard of incidences of fires in particularly the tropical and coniferous forests where these fires are mostly frequent a phenomena.
The fires in the forests can be either caused naturally or by sheer accident and usually occur during the summer times.

The fires are naturally caused because of lightning and spreads like a gale force. Besides they are also caused because of  humans in  the event of recreation or others.
These forest fires spread gradually engulfing the entire forest. During the summers the fires are pre- dominantly wild and destructive as they burn up large chunks of  dried leaves and twigs, causing great unrest in forests of Indonesia, US and Australia.

To control these fires the fire- fighters are extensively trained in extinguishing  such fires, as they have the potential to cause great damage.
The fire- fighters are dropped to the affected areas with the help of helicopters, the quickest possible way to contain these wild flares. But at times these fires also have positive impact for the forest where it clears the ground of dead leaves and the waste and allows for germination of new seeds.


Why Do Droughts Occur?

Droughts are a period where a region experiences scarcity in its water supply. Droughts are a marked feature of low precipitation that an area receives. If the region continuously receives dismal rain over a period of time it is more likely to experience drought in future. 

If the rainfall the area receives is less than the average rainfall, it evaporates even before it is absorbed by the earth.
The occurrence of drought is common in hot and dry areas. In most cases the area is dry because it receives minimum rainfall. Droughts occur mostly during summers when the weather is hot, it evaporates whatever little rainfall the region gets.

In extreme cases the droughts might lasts for years which affects the growth of plants in the region and devastate livestock and the vicious circle continues.
The livestock survives on the plants and if there is little or no water available the plants may not even grow. All this affects the human life where they rely on both the plants and animalfor food and also their income. Largely the humans depend a great deal on water to live. 

This lack of water also makes the land barren and if the scarcity persists for long  it leads to aridity of the soil.