Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What is yoga life

Everyone's life is sad-melancholy.Troubles. Lost them.Comforts us in peace!By our intellect must be cleared.This understanding requires some training.It's yoga training. The credibility of our intellect is peace- peace settles. That is the yoga of life

The purpose of life is not war.Living happily ever after.Be happy.Understanding the pleasure to be found only.Must be properly intellect.It looks to life

The truth is that it is complete.Everything in this world is imperfect.No matter how good a thing although there were some black art.No matter how wise,there was the one person in whom ignorance In the wake of this theory.The truth is that it is just perfect. The same God.It is the sovereign

Depending on the flower vines. That depends on the lands of the vine. The earth depends on the sun. That depends on the sun in the sky Thus in the world to have a complete solution for the yoga life